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Excellent lighting possibilities

LED4 provides excellent lighting possibilities to all kinds of work spaces, leisure rooms, shop interiors and beyond. LED4 illuminates the space efficiently and with sophistication.

LED4 received the international red dot award in product design in 2011.

Designed by Tunto founder Mikko Kärkkäinen.

Colours and materials :
LED4 is available in oak, walnut, and birch. The woods are hand-picked to ensure the best possible quality and certified to support responsible forest management. The oak and walnut are from North America, and the birch comes from Finland.

The lamp uses the innovative, touch-sensitive technology that Tunto is renowned for. It emits an indirect and efficient light that’s perfect for lighting anything from a desk environment to a showroom table.

LED4 is environmentally friendly, as it uses little electricity (15 W).

Choose your favourite tunto colour.

Technical specifications :
. size 520 x 550 x 155 mm
. voltage 100-240V 47-63 Hz 400mA
. suitable EURO, UK, USA / Japan
. lumen 870 lm
. kelvin 3000

ENJOY the tuntolight.

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