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Chat-Board Magnetic Glass Writing Board

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The stylish magnetic glass memo boards are both visually attractive and at the same time a practical trendy design tool for use in modern offices and in private homes. The surface of the board gives each room a fabulous depth effect and gives the opportunity to play with the architectural layout and design in the room.

Because of the increase of the home office, the firm is transformed into a meeting place where people can brainstorm, talk, negotiate etc. The chat-board is a handy tool that easlily is wiped clean, ready for the next group of peolpe with new ideas.

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Nog 1 exemplaar afmetingen 70 x 90 cm kleur fuchsia.
Nog 1 exemplaar afmetingen 70 x 90 cm kleur rood.
Nog 1 exemplaar afmetingen 70 x 70 cm kleur rood.

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