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Ergo Comfort


MisterBrightLigt : intelligent desk differ the way of working !

MisterBrightLight is equipped with the latest gadgets and techniques. He keeps you healthy and fit.
Your performance will increase, while your stress level reduces. Bright idea, isn't?

The standing desk, already descibed as ‘the stand desk of the future’, has got a lot of new features that will differ the way of working. It makes work not only more healthy, but also much more fun.

A desk that motivates and rewards :
The table is equipped with the latest gadgets and techniques. ‘When working too long by sitting behind your desk, MisterBrightLight sends a message to your smartphone to tell you it is time to work standing up. To motivate you, it also gives you a real-time insight into the extra calories you burn during standing work’ . Personal goals can be set and when reached, a virtual trophy will be added to your profile.

An optimal indoor climate also helps you to get the best out of your work. MisterBrightLight supports you getting a perfect indoor climate. Too little oxygen in the air? You get a notification to open the window. And it also watches air humidity.

The desk makes working more healthy but also more fun. You think yourself a magician when operating the desk. Keeping your hand above the built-in sensor, the desk automatically gets up or down. Which also helps to work standing more often.

Red: do not disturb
The desk is provided with LED-lights all around, so you can customize its look to the surroundings or your mood. But that’s also useful in a practical way. When you’re working on a deadline you choose the color red, so your colleagues know no to disturb. As soon as you finished the job, make it green and your colleagues know you’re available again.

Another great gadget is the built-in smartphone charger. You can leave your own charger at home.

MisterBrightLight starts from € 1.987,- and can be fully customized to your wishes: extra features, dimensions and a range of 588 colors. Contact us : 0495 43 05 47 or .

Desk of the future ? Come and check it out yourself at the booth of Ergo Comfort at Secura in Brussels 25/26 & 27/3. Free registration.

MisterBrightLight is looking for a place to stay, interested in a trial at your office ? Give us a call.

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